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Before you get started reading, note that this article is a long read. Not for lazy reader. But, if you get the time to read it through, it's worth what you've ever paid for. And, you're getting it for free.

One of the hardest parts of poultry is marketing. However, only a few farmers understand this.

Could this be the reason why many farmers don’t make good profit from all their efforts?

Let’s go down and learn some things today.

Currently, we have a high number of poultry farmers in Nigeria more than we had some decades back. I am one of those new farmers who was not there a decade ago. While most of us joined this business with testimonies from previous farmers that poultry is very lucrative, they never told us everything.

Do you know over 40% of poultry farmers 10 years back are no longer in the business?


It’s the obvious. Profit was no longer coming as it used to. The number of producers increased and consumers remain the same or reduced. Do you know you were once a consumer and the moment you decided to become a producer the consumers were reduced by one and producers increased by one?

That’s funny but true. 

Marketing has become harder than it ever was.  With the  number of farmers increasing daily, almost every household now own a backyard poultry farm. Isn’t that scary?

Now going back to the main topic of marketing, farmers are always stranded. Middle marketers in the process take advantage of farmers’ lack of marketing knowledge. 

Ideally, a farmer needs to have a ready market before production. With this you are sure the buyers are ready and your products won’t suffer. In broilers production, you don’t need to ignore this area.

Let me give an instance. 

Let’s say you have 8 weeks old 150 broilers. Your plan was to market them at exactly 8 weeks but because there was no market and you had to keep them longer 






6000X7 IN A WEEK

6000X21 IN 3 WEEKS

If your target wasn’t met, you won’t make any profit. In fact, you may end up with huge loses.

Broilers are not meant to be kept for too long. The earlier you achieve a good target weight and sell off with ready market the better. And with a ready market, you will hardly, HARDLY MAKE ANY LOSES.

Some years back I was in this race.

I remember raising broilers up to 16 weeks because there was no market. And, even at that age, middle marketers would come price 16 weeks broilers #2500. I calculated loses for a couple of stocking seasons. In most cases, I suffered mortalities when I tried to reduce their feeding to save my cost.

In other cases, the birds start losing weight when they cross 11 weeks and they would lose so much weight that I could hardly sell them for any reasonable amount.

I know a lot of farmers still suffer these. That’s why I am bringing this to you.

Do you know you can actually make good sum from poultry?

I saw a post recently someone asking if he can quit his good paying job for poultry and a lot of farmers were against it. LOLS. 

Do you know there are actually millionaires made from poultry?

It is not all about production… marketing is the main issue. 

If you can’t sell what you have produced, it’s better you don’t produce at all.

Most times when I see farmers asking how much they should sell their broilers of 9 weeks or so, the answers I see always make me laugh like “calculate your cost price and add some profits”. 

Do you mean if a farmer raised broilers up to 12 weeks and their weight is 2kg he should sell 2kg broilers for 5k because his cost price is 4k?

You are not selling the age. You are not selling cost price. You are selling the meat (quality). 

What you are selling should be worth the money value.

Do You Want to Start Marking Good Profit From Your Poultry Business?

Start marketing your products yourself.

Middle marketers will never buy your products for a good profit. Why?

Because they are looking for some profit too.

So, you should do yourself the favour.

Late last year I decided to open a frozen food store. This decision was geared by the “no-market” problem. No, I don’t mean I couldn’t sell my birds but I was only selling at someone else’s mercy. Someone would tell me they are just helping me by purchasing my birds. Imagine. We are doing business but you claim to be helping me. You would price any price and if I am not willing to sell to avoid making loses you walk away. You are very sure I would call you back after some days and by then I would have wasted more money on feeding. I incur more loses buy you make more gains because you are coming to collect same birds which must have added to meat before you come back. I wasn’t comfortable with that.

What I did?

I opened a frozen food store.

Yes. A lot of people believe a frozen food business cost some millions of naira. That’s not true. Of course, it could cost you some millions depending on how you need it to be.

You can also spend less that #500,000 to open one.

Today, I can’t even sustain my frozen good market demand. I often ran out of stocks a couple of weeks.

What I mean is, my production is not sustaining the constant supply of meat for my store. 

I now buy from other farmers.

This has geared my decision to farm expansion to meet up with demand.

My focus isn’t on marketing anymore but on production. Market is there.

How to get started with a frozen food store:

Get a good location. Not inside the congested market. A good site; possibly a trek-able spot close to an open market where people alight from public transports.

If you don’t have the money to take a full store, negotiate to share store rent with someone who owns one close to the sport. You just need a spot for your deep freezer.

Note: you only put your freezer here for your stock. You’ll need an umbrella, a stool, table, weighing scale and a cutting knife.

Create a catchy banner with visible (clear) chicken parts as a means of advertisement.

Now you need a small shading spot close to the road. Like I said earlier you are not using the store it’s just for the deepfreezer.

Once you have secured the shading spot to put your umbrella which you can mostly get for #200 DAILY payment for the spot or #2000 monthly pay then you are set to go.

The reality is, you will soon take over the market.

Let me tell you a small secret here.

Have you seen those imported frozen chicken breast? You only see laps and wings.

A lot of people ran away from imported frozen chickens because they know they are preserved with chemicals. We’ve seen videos where dressed chickens were injected with steroids to make them swell and look very big. 

Once these consumers know your stocks are not imported, trust me, you’ll draw over 50% of customers daily. 

I said this earlier that a time is coming where consumers will ask questions before they buy.

 That time is now.

The advantage my frozen food store has over every other around is, the consumers know our stock are:

Directly from the farm

Freshly dressed with no preservatives or steroids

Are raise purely on organic medication. 

We have had a few consumers coming back to ask what we use to raise our chickens because they are completely different in taste from what they’ve been eating.  

We have got some customers that will postpone their chicken stew to when we have stock.

Your store will have all the chicken parts for your customers:

  • Wings
  • necks
  • Laps
  • Gizzards
  • Chest (customers crave for this)

Feet (popularly called matching ground by customers)

Nothing is a waste.

You can sell the head and liver plus intestines to dog breeders. I use mine for my dogs because I breed dogs too.

Now you can see opening a frozen food store doesn’t take as much as you were made to believe?

With the above analysis, you can open a frozen food store with less than 300k if you are going with one deep freezer.

And trust me; you will always clock over 35%-60% per bird return on your investment.

If you are an organic poultry farmer, you will command the market around you.

The first time we ran out of stock and decided to get 15 cartons of imported frozen chicken to meet up with customers’ demands we ended up almost losing our trusted customers. 

Then we realized we have an identity, a brand. 

Not the name but the taste.

Customers are already asking questions before they buy. You can command the market!

I wish this helps you in your quest to overcome the “Poultry-marketing challenge. 

You can also start your frozen food market at home. Some days we get surprised the amount of sales we make at home without any advertisement.

If you are a small scale farmer and you own a provision store, you already have a big business you don't know yet.

Market is always around you. People want to eat healthy. I'm always grateful I choose the organic way.


We are still delivering organic medications to all the states within Nigeria.

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