festive seasonal Poultry farmer

 If you are a festive seasonal Poultry farmer why not go for kuroilers instead of  Broilers?⁣⁣


A seasonal poultry farmer is a farmer who keeps birds prior to a festive season and after the season is over waits for another to approach before stocking again⁣⁣

For example when the Christmas is approaching and then prior to that time I keep birds , after the Christmas and the new year is over . I would no longer keep birds⁣⁣

When the Easter comes I do same and for other festive seasons, this is just a typical example  of a seasonal Poultry farmer.⁣⁣

This is totally different from a full time poultry farmerpreneur who's sells at every 6-7 weeks interval , all round the year.⁣⁣

If you are a farmer who eats the Christmas cake and then backs off then you should consider kuroilers birds.⁣⁣


⁣⁣THE TASTE OF THE MEAT : If you doubt, get a matured kuroiler bird and then a matured broiler and then cook them separately , then compare the taste. You would see a clear difference . Alot of people would choose old layers , noilers , kuroilers and even local chicken over Broilers because of the taste.⁣⁣

⁣⁣YOU DON'T SPEND AS MUCH AS WHAT IS SPENT ON BROILERS : Kuroilers are excellent scavengers, this means they survive on kitchen waste + a bit of commercial feed. I know a woman who even replaces maize with cassava in formulation of feed for her kuroilers and yet the fcr was still very okay. Unlike broilers that strictly  depends on the commercial feed . For proper scavenging process, a grazing area should be available.⁣⁣

⁣⁣GROWTH RATE : They grow faster than noilers and Cockerels . It's maturity begins from 10weeks and at maturity it's can weigh as heavy as broiler (3kg +). Kuroiler are better more compared to Cockerel and local chicken that take  along time to mature.⁣⁣

DISEASES RESISTANT : Another beautiful advantage of kuroiler birds .The immunity of these birds as  local chicken. These means little of medication + biosecurity will do. This is unlike broilers who are prone to alot of diseases and strictly depends on medication.⁣

Kuroiler birds can be as well adopted by backyard farmers, part-time farmers 

Unfortunately , just few people utilize this breed of bird⁣

A bird that can give you 40% ROI without much stress⁣

I call kuroiler the millionaire poultry breed⁣

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