until now poultry farming still looks like a fairy tale in the memory of some people. Some has this fear of loosing their baby chicks before the real harvest comes in. poultry farming is one of the most viable and lucrative business that can make any one rich at the most soonest possible time if properly nurtured with passion. In poultry farming there are principles guiding it and you must have to adhere to them before you can really excel in it. Like for instance it is not advisable for a beginner to start breeding birds during the raining season because of the weather involved which might need special attention from an experience farmer to be able to keep the birds alive. 

The major key to any successful business is the knowledge behind it so I will advise you  to get a feasibility study of how poultry farming works before you venture into it. Let me simplify this article so that you can understand what I am talking about. Before you think of having a poultry farm you need-



the passion

clean water

veterinary services

  land. You and I know the importance of having a land before you can  venture into poultry farming. Do not be scared of this, a ¼ of a plot of land can accommodate 600-800 birds that means if you have let say 40m by 40m that is about 2 standard rooms, then you are on your way to having a farm that can accommodate 250-300 birds. A good landlord can lease such a space of land if available at your backyard, for a period of time. Also a good relative can give that to you for a mean time. You can also visit abandoned land owned by some individual for  leasing  until such a place is ready for development.

 #I want to advice you that if you are renting or using a land that does not belong to you then I will advise you to make quick money by investing on broiler birds.

Capital- yes you need capital to finance your project but do not be scared of this as I want to open your eyes to see things that will baffle you. Now look at the below estimate for how much you will need to get your backyard poultry farm started.

   Materials needed to start a mini poultry farm

piece of land with 26inch long 20inch wide which you can get from a relatives,friends,on leasing or owned by oneself.

4X4 woods x 21@N500=N10,500

2x3 woods x 13@N350=N4,550

2X2 woods x 32@N200=N6,400

wire gut-30 yards x N120=N4,200

zinc 3bundles x N10,000=N30,000

blocks 80 blocks @N100=N8,000.

1nch nails worth= N2,000

4inch nails worth =N2,000

cement 4bags @N1,600=N6,400

total = N73,900 so approximately N80,000 will do to erect a poultry house.

 Other expenditures

veterinary services- N10,000

electrical works-      N5,000

poultry tools-            N5,000

your birds day old chicks-60 x 300=N18,000

feeds for a total of 3months=N40,000.

That means N160,000 will take care of your birds for 3 months after which your birds will be due for disposal. So lets assume as a beginner you lost 20 birds about 280 birds will be remaining. So we shall be selling our birds at N1,200 each x 280 birds = N336,000. You take your  calculator and see your profits for yourself. Remember, your profit will grow higher when you embark on the second phase.

PASSION- for you to succeed in any business you must like what you are doing so I advice you to add some passion to your poultry activities, that is great care for your baby chicks.

CLEAN WATER your birds should be prone to clean water, a bole water will do but if no bole hole then a clean well water can serve as well.

VET DOCTOR- make sure you hire a vet doctor for medication support.

This article is basically written for those that wants to make  quick money from poultry farming. I have carefully prepared a manual that will guide you in breeding broiler birds.

Broiler farming is the aspect of raising birds for the production of meat. Broilers are easier to rear than layers birds and these birds grows fast that within 90 days they are fully grown for disposal. Anybody can go into broilers poultry farming which is less complex and easy to operate. A beginner who has not venture into poultry farming before is advised to start with broiler birds. Why I so love rearing broiler birds is because it makes fast returns so I  advice you to get this e-book and read how to operate  and make quick money from poultry farming.




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