Introduction to computer part two


computer application

When we talk about a computer, they usually mean a complete system: the computer itself, the screen (monitor),the keyboard and the mouse.

The computer in front of you may look slightly different from the picture on the right. Here we explain the most important components of computer

Screen of computer

The screen show you what is going on in the computer. A computer screen is like a tv. With the different that you decide what happens. The screen is switched on by pressing the on/off button in the front. It is also called monitor or display.


The computer is an electronic toolbox. It contains different tools (programs) for creating different types of documents. The computer is switched on by pressing the on/of button, located in the front. Do not just switch off the computer with this button.


The keyboard is used for typing documents. By combining different keys. It is also used for functions. It is an electronic device so be care full not to spill soda or other liquids on the keyboard.


The mouse is used for telling the computer what to do. You move it on the table with your hand and click the left and right buttons with your fingers

Floppy drive

In the floppy-drive you can insert a floppy-disk or disklette. This is a small plastic disk which you use to transport documents from one computer to another. It has a fairly limited amount of space but enough for twenty normal letters


In the cd drive you can insert cd or computer disk . this is a metallic looking disk which ha big amount of space . It is used for putting new programs on the comuter and transporting large documents. You can also use it for playing music CD


The printer is used for putting document on paper. Most of document are printed on a black & white printer. For document with coloured pictures. You can use a colourprinter. If you have no printer, take your document to another computer having a printer

The desktop

 is the first image you see on your screen when the computer is switched on . it is your starting point. The object on the desktop represent different computer functions you can touch these objects with your mouse.

The most important object on the desktop


The white arrow is the cursor. You use it to tell computer what to do. You can move it on the screen by moving mouse with your hand. Try to move it to all four side of your screen.


The yellow colour icon is a folder like real folder or cabinet  you can use it to store things on your computer.  You can create your own folder for your document.

Recycle bin

The  Recycle Bin is the special folder . like real waste basket you can use  it to dispose of things you no longer needed. You can put document in it and take the out again until you empty it.

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