How to sort the data in Microsoft Excel


How to sort the data in Microsoft excel

Microsoft excel is useful program in statistical data to day am sharing with you how you can use ms excel to sort (rearrange) many data quick and simple.

This content will help you to sort data example you have examination results of many student you need to arrange from best student to the last student according to the performance of the examination.

 The excel can help to do so. We can sort by name from A to Z or from Z to A and can sort by score from large to small or from small to large.

In order to do this first of all you must have data in Microsoft excel if you have data in portable document file or in hardcopy you must enter this data in Microsoft excel first.

How to enter the data in Microsoft excel?

Step of sort data in Microsoft excel

Step one: open Microsoft excel in your computer

To open Microsoft excel in your computer click window (start) button in your keyboard or in your monitor use courser to click button found left side down of your screen this button you will see it have a logo of window program click it. After clicking choose all programs, and then choose Microsoft offices, in Microsoft office click Microsoft excel.

Step two: enter all information from your document in excel sheet.

 By default the active cell in your sheet is cell A1 and active sheet is sheet 1. The number of sheet which display by default is three and named sheet 1, sheet2, sheet3 and you can add other sheet as you need and you can rename the sheet. After entering your data in excel skip to the next step

Step 3 do all basic setting in your excel sheet. In excel you can change fonts, in order to change fonts over all your work select you work pres (ctrl+a) then choose the fonts you need to use in your work. This (ctrl+a) is the shortcut key of selecting whole document, and you can font size, and you can insert table in you work if applicable How to insert table in excel?In order to insert table in Microsoft excel, do this selecting all cell which you need to be present in your table after selecting cells click go to a menu bar click insert, after clicking insert then click table found in insert menu, tick the box before words ( my table have headers) then click okay

Step 4: sort (arrange) your resultIn order to sort the result the best student to be first  selecting the all student information , the click home in menu bar  ,then find sort and filter click 

 after clicking sort &filter choose custom sort. In column you see sort by click drop down allow then choose which we consider in sorting if you sort results you can choose sum or average, after choosing then in sort on your can skip to remain on values or click drop down allow then choose as required then go to orders you can choose large to small or small to large after choose it click ok

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