How to find remarks in excel


How to find remarks in Microsoft excel

In Microsoft excel you can find remarks by using formula, in order to find the remarks in Microsoft excel you must be have some data for use, this tutorial showing you step by step how to perform remarks in Microsoft excel.

Step for performing remarks in Microsoft excel 

1. open Microsoft excel

2. Fill useful information in excel

3. Insert your table

4. Perform all required calculation

5. required task (find remarks).

Open Microsoft excel in computer

How to open Microsoft excel in the computer?

 Inorder to open Microsoft excel in compute first of all you can look in task bar in your computer if it is excel button present or not present if Microsoft excel button present in task bar ribbon click it the  Microsoft excel will open immediately  after open you will see by default the active cell Is cell known A1 , active sheet will be sheet1 and the number of sheet displayed is three sheet named sheet1,sheet2,sheet3 but you can add sheet or you can rename the name of any sheet.

if you need to rename the name of sheet go direct to the required sheet then right click the name of sheet  the menu will display choose RENAME write the name which you need to be displayed as a name of sheet after write click enter. After that new name will display.

Fill the useful information in excel sheet

This is step two is the step of entering your given information (data) in Microsoft excel do all task example bold title if needed merge and centre if any ,change fonts, words size  align the text when required and so on after finishing skip to another step. 

How to insert table?

step number thee  insert the table if required  in formatting the table in order to be looking good and clear  this will help to show the work professional . to insert table in excel sheet select the area which you need to insert table after selecting click insert in menu bar after click insert choose table then click okay . The table will display in selected area.

How to perform the calculation in excel?

The  following are the basic formula for performing some calculation in excel to find sum or total make one empty cell to be active in order to display answer by click it then write this formula, Equal sign capital letter SUM in bracket list all cell which contain number required to get sum each name o cell separate by comma.

See the formula below

 If you required to find average formula will look like the below

To find maximum or minimum you collect the above formula in word sum we remove it and replace word MAX for maximum and MIN for minimum.

 Step five perform required task ( calculate remarks) 

Before to find remarks  first of all you must find grade this is because to find remarks the data used if from grade  READ HERE

 how to find grade in excelAfter performing grade the formula for finding remarks will be as written below

DescriptionWhen student get A in grade the remarks display “best” , When student get B in grade the remarks display “better” ,When student get C in grade the remarks display “average” the less otherwise display “poor”

To find sum click here

To find grade click here

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