How to find Grade in excel


How to find grade in excel

In this article am sharing with you how to find grade of any result. 

In order to find the grade of any result   the simple way of finding grade of the result is the use of Microsoft excel. How?

Let me proceed In your laptop or desktop open Microsoft excel.

To  open Microsoft click window button in keyboard or by using mouse look left side down of the screen of your compute you will see window button use mouse pointer to point this button then submenu will display choose all program then choose Microsoft office and open.

 After open click Microsoft excel (excel) By default the active sheet is sheet one and active cell is A1, you can start to write your information of your result you need to publish in excel in sheet1 or you can change sheet and you can rename active sheet

 if you need In order to find grade in Microsoft excel first of all you must calculate average this is because to get grade of any marks we use average data. This is the reason why you must find average first.

 The article for finding read here (CLICK)

After filling all information in excel sheet you can do everything which make your work to be clear and looks professional you can do something like merge and centre the title of your work, you can bold and change fonts of your work according.After do everything 

lastly perform your work by calculating grade. The grade is performed by using function known as if function. In order to use this function to find grade make sure the average of your data in excel is well known. If we need to find grade of let say student results. Click cell which you need to display grade of the first student to make the cell to be active. 

Now the cell is active shown the cell is black bolded  enter this function in your active cell  let say average of students found in column E and name of fist student found in row 3  the name of cell which have average of first student will be E3 the function will be as follow

 =IF(E3>=80,”A”, IF(E3>=70,”B”, IF(E3>=60,”C”, IF(E3>=50,”D”, IF(E3>=40,”E”, ”F”)))))

 when you write this function make sure it is correct  and do not make any space. By clicking enter the remarks of first student will display in active cell. If you found error message this means that your entered function is incorrect do the correction in your function then press enter button. 

To get grade of the other student (data) click grade cell of a first student point the mouse pointer down right corner  the bolded plus sign will display , Drag the bolded plus sign up to grade cell of  the last student then drop. The remarks of all students will display. 

The description of above

 Function Description 

E3 is the name of cell which contain average mark of first student.

When average is greater than or equal to 80 the grade display A,

When average is greater than or equal to 70 the grade display B,

When average is greater than or equal to 60 the grade display C,

When average is greater than or equal to 50 the grade display D,

When average is greater than or equal to 40 the grade display E,

The less otherwise display F

The general function finding grade is  =IF(average>=80,”A”,IF(average >=70,”B”,IF(average>=60,”C”,IF(average>=50,”D”,IF(average>=40,”E”,”F”)))))

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